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Discussion in 'Canadian Pharmacies List' started by Admin, Sep 19, 2018.

  1. Admin

    Admin Administrator Staff Member

    northwestpharmacy.com experiences and discussion
  2. DiazepamChick

    DiazepamChick New Member

    Nice to see that this website is in operation once again.
  3. willyCk

    willyCk New Member

    How much time does it normally take for northwestpharmacy to reply with an email that he is shipping your order its been 4 days since he got my money but I have not heard a thing from him and he won't return emails. before I made the order he wrote if you didn't get confirmation within 24 hours to contact him.A lot of good that does if he won't answer.Just how reliable is this chap if he wont reply?
  4. cocotaz

    cocotaz New Member

    Northwestpharmacy has never done wrong by my friend although other people has claimed some of their meds are bunk , but customer service is good I heard.
  5. ColdRx

    ColdRx New Member

    I in quired the exact same question as willyCK on another op forum, but it was promptly altered just like all my other posts over there! That forum known as OP also posts fake negative reviews against online pharmacies that refuses to pay the corrupt admin (westend).
    Anyway is this the same Westend and northwestpharmacy that the DEA was after a couple of years ago?
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  6. cocotaz

    cocotaz New Member

    Most likely the same people.
  7. ColdRx

    ColdRx New Member

    Truthfully used to be a dependable service. However the admin who is the owner of several other iop's often do not reply to emails anymore.

    BTW I havnt used any of he's sources for years, neither do I trust he's forum.
  8. david

    david New Member

    Not used northwestpharmacy personally ,but I know some people were invited to a site operated by the same folks, which turned out to be scammers.

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